Your Health Management Team

​The Health Management Team (HMT) offers a range of health services and are dedicated to connecting you with the care you need, when you need it. They may include a registered nurse, a pharmacist, a registered dietitian, a kinesologist, a social worker and a behavioural health consultant.

Your family doctor may refer you to a member of the HMT to work alongside him or her to help achieve your ideal health. These team members are specialists in their field and collaborate with your family doctor on complex issues such as chronic pain, diabetes or individuals with multiple health concerns. For example your family doctor may refer you to a pharmacist to review your medications as they are knowledgeable on how medications work independently, as well as with others.

Our health professionals can help you:

• Set achievable health goals

• Better manage complex and chronic conditions

• Learn more about your health issues

• Prevent illness

ments with HMT​ members are offered as an extension of the care you receive from your family doctor. Your doctor may suggest you meet with one or more members of the HMT so you can discuss your health concerns in greater detail.​

Availability may vary by clinic. Ask your doctor if a referral to the Health Management Team is right for you.