7-7teen – Family Mental Health

Highland Primary Care Network (HPCN) is pleased to offer a family-centered youth mental health program.

This program supports youth aged 7-17 and their families who are struggling with feelings of sadness, fear, experiencing tiredness, nervousness, trouble with focusing, overwhelming emotions or behaviours that are affecting life or relationships.

Using a combination of group, individual, and family appointments, the goals of the program are to help:

    • Youth and family realize they are not alone
    • Participants learn about signs, symptoms, and related challenges with feelings of anxiety, sadness, attention or behavioural concerns
    • Youth and family learn together new ways to improve their quality of life and build confidence to overcome life challenges
    • Offer support to others who might have similar experiences
    • Parents or caregivers learn what the youth is going through and learn effective ways to handle struggles right along with them
    • Navigate resources
How do you get into the program?

Please ask your family doctor if you think this program might help. Your doctor or health team member working with them will help you find the right care, by the right provider, at the right time for you. You can also call the Highland Primary Care Network at (587) 287-1727 for more information.

In person and virtual program classes

We offer a combination of in person and virtual classes as part of the program. Please see our Class Summary for more detailed descriptions of our classes, as well as all class handouts.


Our virtual classes run via zoom. If you are unfamiliar with zoom please refer to the zoom support below. If you have already registered for a class click this link: Join a Meeting – Zoom A meeting ID and password will be provided to you at the time of registration.
If you are not familiar with how to use Zoom check out this guide: Zoom Support.
Before your appointment you can test the device you plan to use. Use this link to do a self-test: Zoom Test

Additional Resources

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