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Walking Program participants take on the New York Marathon

Airdrie, February 14, 2017 – Every fall tens of thousands of runners lineup at the Staten Island Bridge and make their adventure through Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx before finishing the New York City Marathon in Manhattan`s iconic Central Park. Diane Dennis and Susan Lee, participants of the Highland PCN CrossIron Mills Walking Program achieved their longtime goal of walking the 42.2 kilometer marathon on Friday, January 20th without travelling to New York.

What started out as a Fitbit challenge quickly became a reality for these two who completed the 57,000 step challenge at CrossIron Mills Mall last month. “Training for the marathon was easy, we just had to get 20,000 steps in a walking sessions, which is about two and a half hours. We would start at 7:00 am, walk until 8:00 am, have a coffee and finish around 9:00 am. When we first started, we did a couple of laps and then left. Within a few weeks we knew we could do more and pretty soon we were walking for a few hours,” said Susan.

“Getting those steps in is a priority for us, our day just does not feel complete otherwise, even when on holidays we keep one another accountable,” said Susan.

“Walking has changed everything about my lifestyle. I am healthier, fitter and it is true what they say, walking does clear your mind. We both have asthma, COPD, I have a sore hip and Diane has a sore knee. Jogging or any other high intensity sport was out of the question,” said Susan. “We like walking at CrossIron Mills Mall because it is low impact, indoors, safe and friendly,” said Diane. The two especially enjoy coming on Tuesdays to catch up with everyone from the walking group and if they have an ache or pain, they feel comfortable talking to Tejal, Highland PCNs kinesiologist. “Diane and Susan understand the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle and it shows. I have enjoyed seeing their progress in the program and couldn’t be happier for them on their recent accomplishment of walking the New York City Marathon,” said Tejal.

For more information about Highland PCNs outdoor, Genesis Place or CrossIron Mills Walking Programs, visit hpcn.ca or phone (587) 287-1727. You can also ask your family doctor or a health team member about these or any other PCN programs that may be right for you. ​